Traktor lib wont config to RBuddy

damien apologies but i have looked and can not find the answer to my problem
Please help,

I needed to re sync my library after a catastrophic melt down of my traktor library,

After getting it all back to where i needed it i created a sync with rekord buddy which has now cleared the rekord buddy back to blank. (nothing in it)

I have tried to re sync but nothing happens as it can’t find the traktor library.

I have de activated, re installed etc but rekord buddy won’t take me to the original screen asking for which database it should use as the master.

the "select library on the bottom of the traktor preference page in rekordbuddy is grey, so cant select it.

Can you suggest anything to re calibrate?



I moved your PM to the support forum, there’s no need to make message private unless you’re passing on private information. That way your post might be able to help others in the future.

It could be that the ‘getting it back to where it was’ confused the syncing system in 2.0 (I’m assuming you’re using 2.0). That’s one of the reasons I’m moving away from that kind of syncing in 2.1 because it could get confused too easily and I didn’t anticipate all the different scenarios it had to deal with.

As a stop gap measure, until I release the full 2.1 build, go ahead and try the current 2.1 beta which should let you manually import from Traktor and then export to rekordbox. This should give you more control over what is going on.

Thank you,
I sent it privately as I could work out how to open a new topic, my apologies.

Thanks for looking into it, I’m desperate to get it up working today as I’m playing out in 2 days and need to re sync.

Many thanks

Did the 2.1beta work for you?

the 2.1 got my music back from tractor into rekord buddy, the initial load took along time but that seems to all be in there as normal.

The problem is when i press the .xml in rekord box to import it all, nothing happens and it shows the standard rekord buddy list of

Demo remix set
demo Tracks
Clone of tracks

which is as if can’t see the rekord buddy path

plus if i try to play a tune in rekord buddy on the player it just freezes with spinning wheel.

I have tried sync a few times from traktor into rekord buddy to see if it helps but each time the sync takes about 3-4 hours which is mad seeing as the tracks are already in there

Ok, couple of things. First, I was asking because you marked one of my response as a solution so that seemed to indicate the problem was fixed. If it’s not fixed I will unmark the response as a solution.

Second, It seems like you’re started two separate topics at the same time. This could get very confusing very quickly so let me close this topic and answer your question in the other topic you have opened.