Traktor Cues To USB with REKORD BUDDY

I actually purchased Rekord Buddy to transfer CUE Points From Traktor on an USB Stick ( using Rekord Box) Honestly I never managed to do this, many hours and frustration, also altered Files with loosing cuepoints etc… Anyone with the same Problem or a Solution ?

Welcome to the forums. Since this is a support topic, I’ve moved your post to the support section.

Without knowing more about what you did during those many hours, it’s hard to start figuring out what is going wrong.

Getting things to rekordbox USB is basically getting things to rekordbox and then using rekordbox itself to get the tracks to USB. Since that last step has nothing to do with Rekord Buddy, let’s focus on getting things to rekordbox.

What version of Rekord Buddy are you currently using? Are able to import your Traktor collection into Rekord Buddy correctly? Let’s start with that. :grinning:

Hi Damien, Rekord Box is not reading cue points made in Traktor.
Is it correct that Rekord Buddy offers the ability to read and transfer cue points made in Traktor to an USB stick using Rekord Box ? It´s confusing…

It’s not. Rekord Buddy doesn’t currently deal with rekordbox USB sticks. rekordbox does. Rekord Buddy allows you to get your Traktor data into rekordbox.

So the workflow for what you are trying to would be Traktor->RekordBuddy->rekorbox->USB

If you see anything confusing that says otherwise or doesn’t make this clear, let me know and I will fix it.

Thx Damien, the confusion is also owned by the two nearly “similar names” of the application : )

However I understand Traktor->RekordBuddy->rekorbox->USB.

But I never managed to see my Traktor Cue points in RekordBuddy.

Do you have an step by step manual or Video tutorial ??

There are tutorials in the FAQ section (with videos) if you are using the 2.0 version.

Where are you looking for cue markers in Rekord Buddy though? Where do you expect to see them?

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