Traktor cue points

I am looking to convert traktor meta data to rekordbox. My main interest aside from artist and title is getting my cue points from Traktor. However…I dont like the fuctionallity of Rekordbox hot cue autoplaying when the track is stopped. To avoid this I prefer traktor cues to be converted to memory cues. In fact I was hoping to have the traktor cues converted to BOTH memory cues and hots cue in rekord box. I did find that this is the expected behavior from Serrato. But I can’t seem to find info about it on going from traktor to rekord box. The only info I seem to find is that the first 3 traktor cues turn to hot cues and the rest to memory cues. Can anyone enlighten me on the expected behavior?

The 2.1 beta lets you duplicate hot cues to memory cues when exporting to rekordbox.

oh great. Does it make sense for me to wait until it’s out of beta? I kinda feel like I need to do it right the first time, as once I get this initialized and managed by rekordbuddy i was hoping not to have to do it again. Is there an expected date for the full 2.1 update release?

and thanks for the reply!

No expected date I’m afraid. As fast as I can get it out is the plan. Quite a few people are happily using the beta right now though.

The beta has windows support yeah? Or should I stick to using it on the Mac?

Beta is still macOS only, but contains an ever grown percentage of code that’s cross-platform.

cool.I got it…will give it a try

I think this does what you want

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I’ll add a few clarifications to @astromech’s comment about posting links to other programs here.

First, it’s not something I want to police here from a security point of view. If people post links to other things that may or may not trash people’s data or be malware, I can’t spend time trying to figure out which is which. If my app causes problems, I stand by it but I can’t be worrying about other people’s apps.

Second, as @astromech’s pointed out, the forum here which is funded by me and dedicated to the Rekord Buddy community is not the right place to advertise other programs. I think everyone will agree that this is a very understandable and reasonable rule. There are plenty of other places for this and I would never expect, in return, for links to Rekord Buddy to be posted on other app’s forums.

Hey Damien, totally agree. Sorry I wasn’t thinking properly and totally stressed out trying to get the same thing to work when I suggested it.
Many apologies.
I’d rather stay with rekordbbuddy as it’s stood true to me for some time.
I have downloaded the 2.1 beta mentioned by Astro that he mentioned let’s you duplicated hot cues to memory cues when importing to rekordbox but I don’t get that option and also it’s only when exporting g from relordbox not importing too… :frowning: from memory.
I’m in the car now so will have another go downloading it and installing it, as I’m still stuck with v2 (build 557), and can’t seem to get the version 2 (build 663) or the 2.1 beta to download and or work. It always reverts back to 2 (build 557)… :frowning:

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Keep me informed on where you get to with you issue. I will help you figure it out.

Hey Damien.
Well it let me install 2.1.1 beta now, which is build 624.
It has all the different libraries there.
But there is no sync button…? and nowhere in the preferences to choose to keep traktor library safe…?
, and also no option to export / duplicate traktor hotcues/loopcues to Rekordbox hot cues as well as memory cues. Only export from rekordbox the other way. But I need the hotcues and loop cues created in traktor to be exported to rekordbox as not only hotcues but memory cues as well. Astro said this feature was in the new beta…?
I would prefer to go back to beta 557 as I don’t understand the new version and when I clicked on the online user manual it didn’t show how to use the new version, just the old version and re-initializing…can I roll back…?

it also doesn’t let me quit the program… :frowning: (command+q), and file quit from menu is greyed out. I have to force quit it…

Loads to unpack here… let’s take it one thing at a time.

You can roll back. The ‘old’ beta is linked to in the post named ‘where is the latest beta’. Until the ‘new’ beta is deemed stable this will remain available.

The new workflow doesn’t involve syncing. It lets you drag and drop between collection and only saves the changes when you exit the app and choose to save changes. Because of that, there’s no need to ‘protect’ libraries because there’s no way things can get messed up without you specifically saying yes. If you’re worried about some changes you made, they won’t be saved until you exit and say yes. It’s that easy.

@astromech is working on the manual for the new beta. Remember, this is a beta. It’s not supposed to be final so everything you’re bringing up here is normal. Feedback like yours allows us to find the issues and fix them before the final release.

Finally, a lot of the preferences to do with cue points duplicating are not plugged into the app yet. They should be this week. Are you saying you would like to be able to get hotcues (from traktor or otherwise) duplicated when you copy a track to rekordbox?

thanks for the unpack.
yes get the 8 hotcues from traktor and when they export to rekordbox, they appear as hotcues in rekordbox (as currently) but also duplicate to the memory cues. This is so that a (memory cue) loop at start of track can lay dormant/static until I’m ready for it to play. Only pioneer memory cues let you do this and hotcues don’t… so if the hotcues are duplicated to memory cues as well on export from traktor to rekordbox, this would be a super feature!!
I also never understood the preferences part for traktor where it said merge cue grid and cue points on export. Why would this be done?
Ok so I’m going to roll back to 557 until 2.1 formally comes out I think.
Thanks again,
J :slight_smile:
BTW I’ve put some notably big names onto your software who were very grateful. Notably Ed Solo & dub pistols Barry Ashworth I think it was… :slight_smile:

Totally doable. I’ve added it to the list.

Because Traktor has an option where there are automatically merged together (they appear as white markers) whereas, for other programs grid markers are never hot cues (they can be on the same spot but they are treated as separate data).