Traktor collection not updating

Hi there, let me explain my situation please.(I do not know if i am in the correct topic, if not please excuse me).
I read about rekord buddy in forums when i was trying to find a way to transfer and SYNC my collection (playlists-hotcues etc) from rekordbox into traktor without having to doing it one by one by myself everyday(since i download new songs every day).
So i found rekord buddy.
Now that you removed the SYNC button ,how can i do this?
I mean, i use rekordbox to organise my music for hotcues etc.But then i need to transfer the songs sometimes to traktor cause i also use it occasionally.So i used rekord buddy to do this for me.
So how can this be easily done as it used to now?(i just had to export the .xml and sync it with rekord buddy,Now how can i do this?!).
I dont even use the program since the update and it really bothers me cause i have to do it every day by myself.Though i paid for a program that will do it for me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

If you refer to the old sync in 2.0, I was never able to make it work correctly because some collection like rekordbox do not provide modification dates so it would end up doing everything anyway, even if only a few things changed.

In version 2.1, dragging one collection on top of another (for example, dragging rekordbox onto Traktor) does the exact same thing. It copies everything from one collection on top of the other collection.

The bonus now is that if you only have a few new tracks or playlists to update you can drag just those ones and save you time. You can also drag directly from rekordbox to Traktor if you want which you couldn’t do before.

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Hey there again, so what i did is this.
I updated rekordbox with new songs.Then i exported the xml file, drag and dropped it into rekord buddy.Pop up window asked if i want to update my library, pressed yes and so it did.
Then i wanted to update my library on traktor so i dragged and dropped the collection from traktor into rekordbox.the bar down left showed that it is copying the new tracks.then i closed rekord buddy and saved the changes.Opened Traktor.NO changes had been made.No new songs added.
So what did i make wrong? :slight_smile:

Update: When i try to transfer the whole rekordbox folder into traktor it crashes.

Let’s focus on your first issue. You said you wanted to update your Traktor library but then you say that you dragged traktor into rekorbdox. That doesn’t sound right.

If that’s what you did you’ll need to re-drag the XML onto rekordbox again in Rekord Buddy since you’ve not overwritten it with your Traktor data (wanting to do the opposite I guess).

Sorry for that, i meant that i dragged rekordbox collection into traktor.
But nothing actually happened. :confused:
I drag the collection from rekordbox intro traktror, it shows that it is copying the tracks.
Then i exit rekordbuddy (after pressing “save changes”), open traktor and… nothing !

What version of Traktor does it say in Rekord Buddy’s sidebar and what version of Traktor are you using (in the about section of Traktor)?

Traktor 3.2.1 on rekordbuddy, i am using Traktor version :slight_smile:

Ok good. Can you, in the Traktor section in Rekord Buddy, find a playlist then rename it (double clic k in the sidebar or right click and choose rename) to something else (add " Test" at the end), close Rekord Buddy and then open Traktor. Do you see that playlist with its name changed?

(I moved this into it own thread since it wasn’t related to the original thread anymore)

Yes it did change on Traktor too.

Ok so let’s backtrack one step at a time (it’s never a good idea to start with ‘the whole collection’).

Can you drag a playlist from rekordbox to Traktor and see that playlist one you save changes and open Traktor?

I did it and it worked.

Ok. We’re getting somewhere :slight_smile:

So you’re definitely editing the right file and Traktor is seeing the changes.

No, what is the difference when you drag the entire collection (rekordbox to Traktor)? Staying in Rekord Buddy for now, do you see Rekord Buddy displaying the correct results on the Traktor side? It should look exactly the same as the rekordbox collection.

The collections look the same, BUT the songs inside the playlists do NOT get updated.
For example: playlist “intros20” in rekordbox(in rekordbuddy) has got 33 songs while the same playlist in traktor( in rekordbuddy) has 32 songs.

Hey… it seems like i found the solution !
Instead of dragging and droping one collection INTO the other, i dragged the rekordbox collection UNDER the traktor collection.First thought was that it will create another collection under the old one.BUT it did NOT.It just updated traktor’s collection.
So now that i opened traktor, everything is updated :slight_smile:

update: i tried to drag and drop a playlist from traktor into rekordbox (in rekordbuddy) but it did NOT sync it with rekordbox :confused:

Are any of the songs duplicates here? Maybe try to make a test playlist with 3 songs, two of them duplicates tracks and then drag the entire collection and see if this copies across correctly.

Basically we’re trying to hone down on a simple case of the issue to understand what is doing on. It’s definitely not normal.

That should not be possible. This only thing you can drag underneath the sidebar is an XML file from rekordbox or iTunes. What do you mean by ‘dragged the rekordbox collection’?

There are no duplicates. From rekordbox intro traktor synching, everything is fine if you do it the way i described.
I am gonna try again the drag and drop from traktor into rekordbox and will send again.

This is really puzzling by the way. My guess is that it’s going to be something really stupid once we find out what happened. It always is in the end… :slight_smile:

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