Tracks that are not on the same volume

**My Rekord Buddy Version: Beta 649

My files and Serato, iTunes, rekordbox and Traktor libraries are on an external drive. When I try to add my collections or playlists to the Rekord Buddy collection, I get the error message (see screen capture).

So I understand that having different collections on different volumes is not supported, but do you plan to support it in the future?? Or to be able to move the Rekord Buddy collection to an external drive ??


Right click on the Rekord Buddy collection, you should get a menu offering to create a new Rekord Buddy collection. This will then show you the list of drives that don’t have a collection yet.

For this an more info on the new workflow, you can check the updated manual in the Help menu. It’s always going to point to the correct version of Rekord Buddy you are using from now on and I will keep updating it online with fixes and additions even if I don’t update the app itself.

The FAQ and tutorial videos will also move to the manual instead of being posted here in the future.

Gotcha!! It worked and I saw it was in the manual… sorry if I didn’t see it there first!!!


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