Too much long time to sync


I have update Rekord Budy to the last version.
It takes mor than 1 hours to import collection from Traktor.
It takes same time to try to export collection to Rekord Box. But after this long time I force shutdown Rekord Buddy.
With the older version ( before 2) no prblem. Then is there a way to obtein older version because the new one is not usable in real conditions ?



My Rekord Buddy Version:

Last update

My OS Version:

Mac OS (last update)

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Import Traktor collection
  2. Export to Rekordbox

What I expected to happen:

Quick sync like older version.

What actually happens instead:

Too much time (+/- 3 hours !)

I completely agree with you. In some cases the current build can take a long time.

Obviously this depends on 3 things: How big your collection is. How fast the code is. How fast your computer is.

Because I only control one of those 3 things, I’ve designed a new workflow in the Rekord Buddy 2.1 that allows you to drag and drop only a few tracks or a few playlists at a time. I will keep making the code as fast as I can and the speed will improve moving forward but being able to drag and drop only what you want or need makes a big difference in optimizing your time, no matter what collection or computer you have.

If you want to give the 2.1 beta a try you can download it from the link here. It’s pretty stable right now although there is no official manual for it yet (check out the video in the post for a quick tutorial).

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