Time taking to analyse collection

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I’m struggling to use the program at the moment due to the amount of time it’s taking to update the database. i last updated it in October and so far it’s taken at least 20 hours and is just over half way with the export to Rekordbox. I’m finding it impractical to use because i cannot use my laptop for anything else or shut it down etc.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Please don’t take as me moaning, I love the end result when it’s done, I just can’t practically use it if it takes this long.

P.S. i’m using the 2.10 Beta Version

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I’ve moved your question in the public support forum because it is a good one.

The code in the current 2.1 is unoptimized because it’s a work in progress, having said that it would probably still be slow for big collection even when it will be optimized.

For that reason I’m changing (for the last time?) the way syncing works in the next 2.1beta. You will be able to sync individual tracks or playlists which should make it much more practical.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I just downloaded the program. It took a while but everything went over great. My question is now that I have the whole library synced over, will it take just as long to sync over individual tracks and playlists or can this not be done until the new version? Thanks!!

You are correct, 2.1 is the version that will allow you to pick and choose tracks and playlists. 2.0 took too long for many people so that’s why I made the change.

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