The official 2.2beta thread (yes THAT one) πŸŽ‰ #windows #forreal

Does this work with Rekordbox 6.0.2?

I am 100% moved over to Rekordbox 6 now. I’ll watch this space to keep updated when support is available.

Importing XML in rekordbox 6 works the same as in 5 (meaning they still haven’t fixed the importing bug) but of course, there is no more exporting XML so keep that in mind.

XML import in RB6 is horrid (Cue points and grids are off, not all track metadata syncs properly). I think Pioneer is just letting the XML thing die.

Isn’t that obvious yet?

Unfortunately they try to lock in rekordbox users and force them to only use their program.

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What is the status with this public beta? Very much interested in trying it but I can’t figure out where to acquire it. Is the windows beta included with the purchase on the home page or is it elsewhere?

Did you check the top message in this thread? Links are right there :wink:

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:tada: A new build is available 2.2b25 :tada:

  • :tada: Added an option in the preferences to ignore playlists that are also folders when reading from Serato (thanks @romandc10).

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.

Hi Damien! Just checking in after about a year since the last look - looks like the Windows build is coming along nicely. Any ideas when it will exit beta, and any idea when support will be added for Denon Engine Prime? My workflow is Traktor master, Engine some of the time and Rekordbox/Serato when I have to.

Thanks, look forward to using it maybe soon!


Engine support should be added to the beta in the coming few weeks. After that I will freeze the features on the build, wait a little bit to see if any unknown things pop up and then ship the build as an official release.

There are still a few special cases on the Windows build that I’m trying to track down but overall the build is pretty stable.


:tada: A new build is available 2.2b26 :tada:

  • :white_check_mark: Fixed issue when parsing Traktor collections with the new smart list feature (thanks @Baby-T).
  • :tada: Changed the link to Damien’s Mastodon account in the help menu to one to Damien Plays Records instead.

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.

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:tada: A new build is available 2.2b27 :tada:

  • :white_check_mark: Fixed issue when deleting multiple selections of playlists/folders in the sidebar. (thanks @Zalupa).

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.

Great to hear. Are we all geared up for Big Sur support at launch as well?

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Not just that but Apple Silicon support too. Busy times :slight_smile:

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screams at the top of lungs!

Beta expired

:tada: A new build is available 2.2b28 :tada:

  • :tada: Qt is now using version 5.15 across the board.
  • :tada: Added printing the reason for a receipt generation error if we are given one.
  • :tada: Added some more debug info for when SSL connections fails for some users.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed not testing correctly to make sure users are running Windows 10 (thanks @mpiotrekm).
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed potential issue when some metadata contained an empty string.

Please make note of this thread before trying out this new beta.