The new 2.1beta countdown thread (including Windows!)

If you have an Intel CPU, its super easy using VMWare workstation. It’s not exactly legal, so I won’t post instructions here. However, you can find em online.

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Very good question :slight_smile:

Both Windows and macOS will share the same database format. This means, if you create a Rekord Buddy collection on and external drive on macOS you will be able to plug that drive on a Windows machine and use that collection the same way. Cue points, grids and all.


And so it would go the other way as well? Windows to macOS?

Here’s my scenario:

  1. Create Rekordbuddy Library from existing Serato Library on Mac.
  2. Bring Rekordbuddy Library over to Windows, edit & add to library using this main PC.
  3. Bring Rekordbuddy Libary back from Windows to Mac, enjoy updated Library.

Does this fit the capabilities you mentioned?

If so, would a hard drive even be required? It sounds like I could use a cloud folder that syncs across PCs, and point Rekordbuddy to that folder respectively for both.

Does that make sense?

Also, thanks for sharing the good news!!

That would work, the hard drive collection will be accessible from any OS as long as tracks are located on that drive too.

It’s not recommended to put a Rekord Buddy collection on a cloud drive because this could lead to data corruption if something else (like a cloud sync) modifies the database while Rekord Buddy is open.

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Ok understood, thanks!!

I used this method sucessfully to install a macOS VM in my windows 10:

Once the VM is running with all the DJ programs installed etc, there is some manual steps to transfer your collection to macOS.
Once I understood those I’ve automated them as well:

Hello Damien, sounds like there is hope. Can you give a brief summary of the Windows release status? Or does the list at the top of this posting always represent the current state?

best, thx and enjoy the free time (maybe not in front of your screen…)

Hey @D3Bug, I post dev updates from time to time on my mastodon account. Current status is, it’s running but errors out when loading the collections.

There is still a slim chance to get it out in beta before the end of the year and I’m doing everything I can to make that happen. Once the build works, I still need to finishing packaging it into an installer and signing the executable so that it’s safe to use for customers.

Hey Damien, thanks a lot for the update on current status, hope I wasn’t bothering you. It’s hard to be patient, I’m really looking forward to a working beta, thanks a lot for your work!


You’re not bothering me at all. I owe this to you guys and it’s currently my top priority (which is why the support here has fallen a bit behind but it’s only fair since Windows took a back seat to a lot of things in the past).

Lastest update is good. I have the app almost fully working (you can see it in action in a video post on my mastodon account) and it loads all the collections. The bad news is that I don’t think I’m going to make the end of year deadline but I shouldn’t miss it by much. I spent the whole day today on a nasty bug caused by the Microsoft compiler for example.

Here is the final TODO list for the first Windows beta. I will update this post as I go along:

  • All unit tests pass.
  • Event logging works.
  • Dragging an entire collection works.
  • Reading tags from files works.
  • PUNTED UNTIL AFTER FIRST BETA: Issue reporting is plugged in.
  • Executable is signed.
  • Installer works.
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Update. See the list in my previous post.


One more update. Trying to build the installer tonight.

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The excitement continues to build. :-p #CompileLife

Installer works. App works once installed. Just need to buy a certificate tomorrow and code sign it.

This will probably be a very rough beta since it has only be used on my personal machine so far but I hope some of you guys can jump on it when it’s posted and help me out in getting it in shape.

Fingers crossed tomorrow.


I’m excited :smiley: Will you post a link to the beta here or is it available somewhere else? How do you wish feedback? Do you have some kind of repo where I can open up issues?

Everything will be handled here. I’ll start a new thread for the 2.2beta and we’ll just open new topics in the public beta section of the forums with each separate issue that shows up.

Windows Beta rubs hands As I’ve said before I’ll GLADLY be a guinea pig :slight_smile:

Yeah so I’ve actually been sitting on the Windows build for 6 months now… I guess I’ll stop messing about and release it today then?

(I’m joking about sitting on the build, in case some people are visiting us from the internet).

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