The NAMM 2019 thread

It’s NAMM time and it looks like a lot of people have things to announce this year:

What are you guys most excited about? (I’ll be roaming the aisles of the show on Thursday. Let me know if you’d like me to check something out and report for you).

I wish I could talk about it. :frowning:

Rekord Buddy Windows Beta…:grin::grin::grin:

I think Denon will show something really interesting…and I’am not talking only about their new standalone, but what is running in it.


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That screen though…

That looks like a version of Push that never made it out and that Akai is now shipping themselves.

This beat me to my monthly Windows post. :non-potable_water:

por serio tho, going on 22+ months now.

I’m going to start pretending that I’m taking forever on purpose. Apparently that’s more believable.

It would be a pretty cool announcement NAMM weekend, jus saying. ;-p

True, but it would be pretty mean if it was just an announcement. I’m trying to shy away from that these days.

Any chance that N.A. is going to have a lil’ NAMM sale for those of us who’ve just discovered Rekord Buddy and missed the Black Friday and New Year’s sales?

@DJSeanSax DM me, I’ll give you a code

(one time offer, that I may or may not offer again to other people if I see fit. Don’t nobody bug me for codes all the time or I’ll raise the price of the app instead :joy:)

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Nicest thing I’ve seen at NAMM today had to be the new Technics. It’s just like the old ones. But new.

They look cool.

I am really excited for the new Technics. I like that they added all the performance mods into the actual deck. When you consider the cost of purchasing, restoring, and modding a previous 1200 to make it due what the new technics do, the price becomes justifiable. I think a large group of people are forgetting that.

We had a guest in the studio…

Awwww man. Thank you! Most appreciated. I don’t have a gigantic social media following but I’ll be sure to praise Rekord Buddy and let my deejay followers know about it. Thanks again.

How is it? Thoughts?

It’s BIIIIG, and comprehensive. The workflow is clever, and for mobile/bar DJs, there really isn’t anything that comes close to competing.

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Sounds like they have a winner on their hands. It’s priced the same as the 2 channel from Pioneer too.