The Friday RAWR! thread 🎶

There’s new music to discover every day but on Friday, we RAWR! :musical_note::loud_sound::dancer:t2::man_dancing:t2:

This thread is dedicated to sharing good music, old or new, to your fellow DJs. Don’t post links to podcasts or DJ sets here, one track or release per week/per user.

I’m starting a day early with the upcoming Dolce Vita EP from Groovence.

It’s Thursday today…

So… yeah… There’s that.

But that’s cheating!

Maxime Miville - Don’t Ask (Max Cooper Mix)

Deep deep deep.

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Even I could play that…

You sound surprised…

Yeah I gotta admit… :open_mouth:

My contribution for this week:

About to start the new podcast soon-is so I’m loading up on sweet sweet music.

Utter classic…

Rui Da Silva - Touch Me

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Posting this a day early again, I guess I’m posting it in GMT time… :joy:

Now I feel like a complete noob on this one because 1) I’m discovering the awesomeness that is Pretty Lights. 2) I never knew that this is the original use of that Etta James sample. Wow.


Henry Saiz & Tentacle - The Prophetess

I’m a bit late on this one from last week:

This is currently on preorder and you can also get the vinyl from Bandcamp or Juno. #Quality


Since is staying up and running, I’m going to post my RAWRs there again in the future.

One more from today’s contribution over at