The deal with support, the forums and social media

Alright guys, I think it’s worth explaining some changes that took place recently with the way you can communicate with me or get support for Rekord Buddy.

There are three different sides to this:

  • The best way still is, and will always be, to email It’s the most reliable source of help, Dan and I are there to answer questions and we work as fast as we can to get you a personalized reply. It’s also part of what you pay for by purchasing Rekord Buddy.

  • I understand that sometimes it’s also easier to try and sort things out by yourself or get help from fellow Rekord Buddy users. That’s why I created these forums and just recently moved all the FAQ entries from the website to a special category in the forums. That way, all in one place, you can search for answers yourself and get help in the Community Support section. The difference with the official support is that on the forums there is no guarantee that Dan or I will be there to answer your questions. We most likely will be hanging around but we can’t make the guarantee that we will. So use if it’s really important.

  • Finally there is social media. It’s simply not realistic for a small indie developer like me to spend time on Twitter or FB monitoring for questions and trying to reply in 140 characters (ok…280). It’s just pointless and frankly a waste of my resources. So while both the Rekord Buddy Facebook and Twitter accounts exists, they will not be monitored. You can follow them in order to get the latest news but if you reply to/mention on there you will get an automated message like this:

[AUTOMATED RESPONSE] Social media like Twitter/FB is not actively monitored. Instead head over to our forums ( or email directly for help.

That’s really the best way for me to maximize my time on the project and make sure your requests are dealt with as quickly as possible given my limited means.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this. On the forums you can post replies :smiley:

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