That tool to export from rekordbox 6

Has anyone tested <edited> tool to convert Rekordbox 6 to XML then convert that XML in Rekordbuddy yet?

I moved your post to a new topic so that we keep things separate.

I’m never confortable with endorsing, discussing or publicizing other people’s app on this forum. It’s not even a competition type thing, it’s just that I feel responsible for users that come here and I don’t want to point them toward things that I’m not responsible for.

Having said that I have to say something about this tool and the other online service that read rekordbox 6 databases.

What these guys are doing is illegal in many countries and, no matter what they sometime say, I know for a fact that they are doing it behind Pioneer’s back at the end of the day.

Rekord Buddy was the first DJ collection tool out there and I’ve spent the last 8 years building trust and relationships across the industry in the hope of allowing DJs to use whatever platform they want. I’m going to do what I think is right and I will continue to play by the rules.

Pulling tricks like this tool or the online service that does the same is reckless, selfish and irresponsible. It puts in peril the trust that was build up to now. Needless to say Rekord Buddy will not ever reverse engineer Pioneer’s database, no matter how much I think their decision to go walled-garden is also stupid and insecure. It’s their decision and I respect it.

I spent a lot of time not commenting on this stuff and I think it’s time I do. There are too many people in this industry who only see the short-term and self-benefits when making decisions.

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I can see that. TBH, the one time I tried their software it was buggy at best anyway. Rekordbuddy is worlds beyond it both in UI and functionality. I didn’t realize they were not operating within scope on the project. Reverse engineering and/or recompiling of any copyrighted software title along with its databases is illegal in the US.

I like <edited>. My experience so far has been great. It’s more expensive but it has exceeded my expectations.

It just works.

With regards to the legal bit, it’s above my pay grade. Pioneer pulled a sheisty move.

Does virtual dj have authorization to ready other libraries?

Does <edited> work with Rekordbox 6? Ive never looked to much into it as Rekordbuddy has always worked great and Damien provides personalized top notch support.

Hey guys, sorry for the edits on your posts. I also edited the name of the thread.

I’m just not comfortable advertising or referring to apps that don’t play by the rules or abide the law.