Thanks, Damien, for your excellence

I was just scanning the forum topics for the latest possible news about Rekordbox 6 (which had no joy, sadly) - but in the process m recognized how incredibly level, polite, and generous Damien is with all of us complaining / confused / demanding users.

And not enough people say Thanks. Especially when I can see how Damien might want to chuck it all in, given how much we ask for.

So, Thanks, Damien, for making awesome software, for putting up with all of us urgent/demanding customers, and for doing an amazing job as a 1-man show to keep all of us effectively working across a bunch of turf-guarding vendors. RB6 notwithstanding, you’ve been a major help to me - and I assume the rest of us.

We hope you’ll be able to continue to do so by helping Pioneer understand the downsides of its walled-garden.


Thank you @batsonjay, you have no idea how much this means to me.

It is sometimes hard to juggle it all, especially when I often feel like I’m letting users down by not being able to respond quickly enough.

But then I look at how other companies handle support and I get posts like yours that remind me that I must be doing something right.

To whoever is frustrated, angry or upset just keep this in mind: I’m trying my best. You are dealing directly with the developer because you, as a customer, matter to me. Rekord Buddy is my passion and my life mission. Being kind and polite always works better with me than being entitled and rude :slight_smile:

On that note, I’ll go fix some more things now…