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When you use the tag feature in Rekord Buddy what id3 tag section (comment, grouping, etc.) do they save to? I’d like to search these tags in Serato.



It goes to a special field that only Rekord Buddy uses. There might be a way down the road to write that to another field too but for now it doesn’t overwrite anything else.

I’ve mentioned tags before. I’ve tagged all my tracks using Beatport Pro (desktop app). This app, and tagging using it, has been useful because it can suggest tags used by others for a given track, and these are often helpful to me in tagging.

Beatport stores these tags in a SQL database in it’s app-specific files. (These happily can be stored in a folder set in a preference - which means I can put those in a Dropbox folder shared between two computers I use for live playing.)

IF you get to a point where you can cope with tags, it would be incredible - more than incredible, it would be amazing - if these could be synced between the various DJ apps AND BP PRO. (The latter is reasonably accessible via SQL; I’ve poked around.)

Yeah… it’s in the plans :slight_smile:

Wheeeee!!! Such awesome news! Frankly, once you do this, I might consider dropping Beatport Pro as my “core library” tool. It’s been “dead” at Beatport for years. The more you invest in making RB a functional-equivalent, the happier I’ll be.

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I want to make you happy :smile:

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