Syncing Different Types of Cue Point, "Fade-in", "Fade-out" and "Load"


In Traktor it’s possible to have different “types” of cue point, such as “Fade-in”, “Fade-out”, “Load” etc.

However, in the current version of Rekordbox (5.3.0), I can’t see a way to set these types of hot/memory cue, or change the cue “type”.

So, when syncing from Traktor to Rekordbox, is it possible to retain the “type” of the cue point (and possibly it’s color) when syncing to Rekordbox?


Page 26 of the manual has a matrix with all the different apps and what can and can’t be exported. As far as I know, traktor is the only app with a ‘cruise control’ mode, so those won’t get transferred to other software.

To add to what Dan is mentionning, in the current 2.1 beta we try to match the cue point colors as closely as we can (most programs have fixed colors that they support so we can’t just throw any color in there). That goes for cue points and track colors for programs that support it.