Sync changes from existing Traktor playlists to Rekordbox


I’m organising all my music and playlists in Traktor. Might be strange but I’m working with Traktor at home and sorting music ofter after playing it for a few times.
For playing somewhere else I prepare a Rekord Box stick using Record Box.
“Syncing” new playlist for the first time using Record Buddy was quite easy and worked good. But how do I sync the changes in existing playlist? Do I always have to copy and overwrite the existing playlists from the Rekord Box xml to playlists? Is there any chance so see changes and sync or copy easily? (That was my purpose for buying Rekord Buddy).


Hello @dcmartns, Welcome to the forums.

Nothing strange here. I’m a Traktor user primarily too. Love the gridding in Traktor best.

As pointed out somewhere else, syncing was something I tried with 2.0 but never quite got right mainly because apps like rekordbox unfortunately don’t provide enough info for syncing to work correctly.

So for now, you do have to bring any changes from Traktor to rekordbox yourself. This is one of the main points for the drag and drop workflow, allowing you to only copy what you need to make things faster. I still have some ideas for features to help with easily propagating changes but I won’t revisit this until after the Windows version ships at the earliest.

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