Still crashing after lastest update

**My Rekord Buddy Version:v2.0.26(565)

**Mac OS (Mojave) 10.14.6

Hi, I did the recent Rekord Buddy 2 update and it still crashing when I try to import from Serato. Any suggestion?

Same over here,
After updating, Record Buddy ALWAYS crashes while saving!
I also de- & reinstalled Record Buddy + Recordbox, downgraded to the old versions but without success! Now Recordbox doesn’t import the new tracks or playlists from Record Buddy anymore!
Just don’t know what to do now!?!?

@sunphilips can you upgrade to the latest build (2.0.27) and choose to send me a crash log when the app crashes and then relaunch the app so that it sends it to me? I can pick it up from there and look into it.

@Dirty_Dens Re-installing won’t solve anything, that’s for Windows :slight_smile: You have a topic already started for you issue, let’s keep posts in one topic so that it makes my life easier on support. Thanks!

Hey mate,

After we chatted I tried again and it work for once.
But it crashes again when I imported from Serato.

Is it possible to go back to the previous version? I had no issues with this one.

@sunphilips I don’t provide older builds because otherwise I would be juggling 20 different versions for each groups of people with different issues. It makes more sense to try and fix whatever issue you are having.

I’d like to see if it’s reading from your Serato collection that’s the problem or the syncing code in 2.0. Could you try the 2.1beta and confirm that that build can read your Serato collection without crashing? Just make sure that it appears in the sidebar and that you can see your tracks and your playlists, then report back here.

Hey, it worked for the access to Serato and I can see my playlist.
Like the new template by the way.
Now, how I do to export? Is it already done automatically?

Hey we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile:

In this version everything is done via drag and drop.

As a test, drag a small playlist from your Serato collection (in the sidebar) to the collection you want to copy it to. You can drag it to ‘Playlists’ in that collection to copy it at the root for example or anywhere else in the tree. You don’t even have to go thru Rekord Buddy’s own collection if you don’t want to (you can do Serato->rekordbox for example).

Anything you drag will overwrite what is at the destination but nothing will be saved until you exit the app and choose to save your changes.

If you are going toward rekordbox, remember that you still need to grab the changes in the rekordbox XML bridge and put them in your rekordbox collection. To add insult to injury, the latest rekordbox build doesn’t update tracks unless you delete them first. It sucks but I hope they fix it soon.

Amazing. thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Hey mate,

I’m still in the beta version. The Itunes playlists i can see on RekordBuddy 2 aren’t my current itunes playlist it’s old ones that I used to have.

How can I fix this please?

Also, will it be fine with the new IOS update as Itunes won’t exist anymore?


The iTunes playlists are read from iTunes itself. Are you sure you have iTunes set up to write the XML file in its preferences (in the advanced section)?

I’m assuming you mean macOS, right? Version 2.2 of Rekord Buddy will be compatible with the Music app in macOS Catalina.

Do you have a new version or beta version as mine is still show me my old playlist for itunes and serato, please? My XML file is ticked on itunes. Don’t know what more to do…

Can you zip up and send me a copy of the iTunes XML file that is found in Music/iTunes ? You can DM me a link via a file sharing site.

Hey, my beta version doesn’t work anymore.
Please send me the latest update.
I’ll see if that work and I let you know. How do you feel about that?

You have to download a new build of the beta. Beta builds expire after two weeks. This is by design.

Check this thread and download the latest build.

Where i can find the new update please? My version doesn’t work anymore.

2.1 is now the official release. You can find the download link in your Purchases on your account. There should be a link for Download and Invoices there.

I can see where on My account. Please see the screenshot.
Many thanks

This is your account on the forums. I’m talking about your account on the main website. The list of your purchases is in Previous Purchases. Then you should see a link called Invoices and Downloads.


Trying to follow the rules and not post a new topic. Just bought this software and I’m trying to transfer crates/playlist from Serato to Rekordbox. Only Four of Six of the crates I want copied over are working. The other two crash Rekord Buddy completely and give me a crash report. I can see the new playlists in Rekordbox and all of the data was transferred over. Unfortunately, the two crates im trying to bring over are the crates I would actually use to perform (current tracks I’d be spinning).

Running Rekord Buddy 2.1.18(676), MacOS 10.15.1, Serato 2.3.1.

Welcome to the forums! (and thanks for not starting a new topic :+1:)

I found your report and it seems to be cause by some invalid data in your Serato markers. I’d like to identify if this is something I would ignore or if it’s something that I need to handle better so I added some debug info in the next build (should be 2.1.21) so go ahead and try that build when it’s released and make the issue happen again. This will help me diagnose the issue and take the right decision in dealing with it.