Stems not importing 2.1.31 (695)

Hi Damien

For info any stem files I have in playlists are no longer importing from traktor to rekordbuddy.

They dont even show in the traktor tree anymore.

Interesting. I don’t use Stems so this might have fallen thru the cracks. Let me take a look.

I think I found the problem. I’m going to DM you a bug fix build for you to try out.

This will be fixed in 2.1.32.

Hi Damien,

You have broken the stems import again on 2.1.36

It asks me do I want to import video files, say yes but nothing syncs.

App is also now crashing.


Let me check. Couple of questions first:

  • You say it asks you if you want to import video files. Are you sure it doesn’t tell you that vide files are not supported in rekordbox playlists?
  • What are you doing when the app crashes?

yeah sorry it says video files not supported, was working fine on last version

the 2 crashes were while syncing, it works most of the time

Yeah I think it’s my bad. Tried to do something too quickly for movie tracks.

Will fix asap.

any update mate?

I was at NAMM in California last week (I think I made a post regarding this somewhere).

I worked on something on the plane and will send you a bugfix build to try later today.

This will be fixed (again) in 2.1.37.

chop chop as I cant open rekordbuddy now as my beta build has expired???

I will post another bug fix today which will still include your fix. Not ready to post that as 2.1.37 yet. Needs more testing for other things.

I will post here again when it’s posted.

Posted the new bug fix build. Same link as before.

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