Spinning wheel when reading rekordbox XML

I managed to download 2.2b28

I have exported my XML and when i import it to the Windows beta my playlists appear but when i click on one it has a spinning wheel and never resolves (non responsive). I have tried importing multiple times and get the same issue.

Any ideas on how to fix?

First let’s put this into its own topic instead of the beta announcement one, that way we can keep track of things more easily.

Now, are you on macOS or on Windows?

How big is this XML file. I’m assuming you mean one that you exported from rekordbox?

Yes windows beta, I fixed it by doing the following in Rekordbox, select all tracks, rescan ID, it finds a few tracks maybe 20 out of 10,000 are missing the mp3 files, delete those from collection then re-export.

Seems to be a bug in windows version that causes it to crash if some tracks are missing somehow?

I can try and reproduce this here, see if I get the same problem.