Something wonderful has happened. You have found an unhandled issue

I just updated my mac to catalina and updated all my software to the latest (stable) builds. When i want to open and activate rekord buddy (v2.1.38) and enter my license I get the following message: Something wonderful has happened. You have found an unhandled issue.

Can i get some support to get rekordbuddy working again?

I’m running the latest version of Traktor 2 and Rekordbox 5.

Welcome to the forums. ‘Something wonderful’ dialogs mean the app detected something strange and decided to exit to save your data.

The good news is that it also means the app sent me some information to figure out what happened ans maybe how to fix it.

Let me take a look at the logs on my end.

I looked and your app is not even activating right now which means for some reason it’s failing very early on, before it would even send me anything unfortunately.

Before I send you a bug fix build to try and see where things are going wrong, can you delete or rename the Record Buddy folder in your music folder and try to launch the app again? Wondering if you have any corruption issue from old data that could be the problem.

Hey Damien,

I just tried your Solution, twice, but unfortunately it didn’t fix the problem, so i’m still crashing after I entered my license key.

Thanks in advance

That’s good, it’s just one more step in finding the real solution.

Let me put together a custom build for you so we can investigate further what is going on for you.

I"m DM-ing you a custom build with some instructions on how to use it. Give it a try and report your findings in the DM thread since the info may contain private information.

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like the app is having a hard time finding the serial number for your machine. Are you running this in a VM? If not, what model of Mac is it?

Hey Damien,

I’m running a MBP retina model, late 2013. It had a reparation in the past where the logicboard was replaced with a blank one and forgot to put the serial number in it. So it doesn’t show up in my system. Is there any workaround for it? In the past recordbuddy hadn’t any issues with the missing serial number.

Yeah that’s most likely the problem. Unfortunately that the only way to get a unique identifier for your machine in order to authorise the app correctly.

How do you put the serial number in a new logic board? Can you do that after installing it?

I never heard back from you. Did you manage to get it working?

Hi Damien,

I contacted my Apple reseller and they said it is possible but i can take a while because they have to send it elsewhere. Due to the current situation i cant miss my laptop.

Anyway I’m planning on buying a New one in the near future so i can get rekordbuddy up and running again.

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