Shifted grid and hotcues in rekordbox

Hey Damien, thanks for your help. I’ve got the newest version now. The transfer from Traktor to rekordbox works better than before but I still have some issues with some of my tracks in the imported playlist. The grid and hotcues are shifted to the right or to the left. As a result the Sync function doesn’t work perfectly for these tracks. When the grid is shifted to the left there is one cue missing at the beginning of the track. It would be great if you could give me an advice how I can fix these problems! Thanks in advance!
Cheers Genzo

Are your tracks mp3s?

Yes they are mp3

Can you DM me one of them? I think it’s a know issue with rekordbox that I’m trying to put a workaround for.

Hey Damien, this is a Dropboxlink to some of the tracks that have the time shifted grid in rekordbox:

link deleted

Can you work with that?
Cheers Genzo

That’s great. I’ve got a couple of other things on my list but let me take a look as soon as I can.

I deleted the link in your post, next time send it via DM so it’s not publicly visible.

Hey Damien, do you already have news for me?
Cheers Genzo

I’ve got your files and I have it in my schedule to look at them (and some from others) after 2.2 ships. I’m focusing on the Windows build right now which people have been waiting on for a long long time.

I may be able to put some fixes in the 2.3 beta when that’s available.

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