Shifted Cue Points

Hello, I’ve been using Serato for the past three years and recently picked up Rekordbox. I bought the Dj Conversion Utility to transfer all my cue points and it shifted all my cue points like half a second back. The only fix was extremely time consuming and not a permanent fix and in the end was not worth the $20.00 at all. I couldn’t find anyone with this sort of problem with Record Buddy 2 and was wondering if this sort of thing occurs with all conversion tools. I’m really interested in picking up Record Buddy to save me hours upon hours re-cueing but don’t want to run into the same problem of having all my cue points shifted off time. Is this a known problem with conversion tools and does Record Buddy 2 have this problem? Thank you.

If your files are MP3, it’s a known issue with how rekordbox handles beatgrids. The latest stable 2.1 beta has quite a few fixes for this, though I believe it still occasionally happens.

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