Serato To Rekordbox

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:

Is there a better way to sync the library of serato to rekordbox? for now everything shows up in rekordbox.xml and have to manually drag the playlists(crates) to the playlist folder. I always use Serato more often but I don’t want to have to do this everytime for a few songs added here and there.

Am I doing this wrong?
Is rekordbuddy that limited that it can’t write like it does for serato and reflect the changes?

This isn’t an issue with Rekord Buddy, but rather how rekordbox is designed. There is no direct access to the rekordbox database, other than via rekordbox software itself. Basically, it’s out of our hands.

Dan is correct. There are plans post 2.1 that could make this a little easier though. Stay tuned.

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