Serato to Rekordbox VERY SLOW IMPORT

Hello, i importing playlist from serato to rekordbox in rekordbuddy. Now im run rekordbox 5.6.0 open rekordbox.xml and move crates from rekordbox.xml to Playlist. This process its very very slow. Like importing “1track for 20-30second”. My Library its like 120000tracks. If im Move a songs without rekordbox.xml (just move files from USB drive to rekordbox, importing its very fast).
I thought this is a problem with size of rekordbox.xml but no… Im Try Moving separate crates- 1crate in rekordbox.xml to playlists and it’s same problem. Serato Playlist work withouts problem… only in rekordbox Importing from rekordbox.xml to Playlists its very very very slow.

Looks in 24hours im can import ~2880songs. 24hours is 86400second. 1 Track importing like 30second.
Then 86400/30=2880 :frowning:

And for 120000tracks is like 41days ON My Laptop :frowning:
Help :sleepy::broken_heart:

Specs of my Macbook:

Macbook Pro 15 i7 2.2ghz Late 2011 (4cores)
16gb ram DDR3
SSD 512gb MLC
HDD 2TB 5400rpm Toshiba L200

All my music is on USB Portable Drive (Seagate Expasion 4TB) (exFAT Partition)

For test im Copy rekordbox.xml file plug in usb drive to my second windows laptop (i7 6700hq,32gb ram ddr4) edit rekordbox.xml in notepad+ and replace all directories from //Volumes/SEAGATE/ to E:/ for check at Windows. Same problem, track importing very very slow. (1track 20-30sec).

Im try to check USB Hard Drive and it’s work OK [No bad sectors, write/read ~130mb/s on Windows Laptop(USB3) and like ~30-40mb/s at Macbook(USB2) ]

Somebody can help me?

Are you talking about importing for the XML bridge to the rekordbox collection in the rekorbox app? Where is that ‘Playlists’ located?

yep im talking about move playlists from rekordbox.xml section to “Playlist” section in the

Playlists located in USB Harddrive /Volumes/SEAGATE/Music/

Remember im check a HDD speed and it’s be fine.

Im try to check USB Hard Drive and it’s work OK [No bad sectors, write/read ~130mb/s on Windows Laptop(USB3) and like ~30-40mb/s at Macbook(USB2) ]”

Here is what I guessing this is related to.

There is an issue with some type of MP3 tracks showing up in rekordbox with an offset in their markers. To avoid this problem, Rekord Buddy has to analyze the tracks in order to see if the markers need to be corrected or not. This could be that, in your case, this analysis is taking a long time per track.

I’m planning on looking into this at some point and see if I can optimize the analysis. I will post back in this thread when I have done that.

Okey thanks very much, im waiting all time. Now rekordbuddy is for me useless :frowning:

Useless might be a slight exaggeration, no? :wink:

Couple of things though. First, the MP3 analyzing only happens the first time you copy a track to a Rekord Buddy collection. So if you don’t drag directly from Serato to rekordbox but instead you go through a Rekord Buddy collection in between, the analysis will only happen once and copies after that will be quicker (as long as they still go through Rekord Buddy’s collection). Second, do you really have to copy your entire collection every time though?

The whole point of the new 2.1 (and one of the things many users were asking for) is the ability to copy just a few tracks or a few playlists at a time if you want.

Maybe some improved?

There is still a few users with critical issues right now and also a lot of people waiting on the Windows version so the priority for me is to get the app working for everyone before I start making it faster.

You never mentioned if you tried to drag just a few tracks when you make updates. You shouldn’t need to drag everything every time.

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