Serato to Rekordbox Sync Super Simplified Instructions

Rekord Buddy 2.1.0 Beta
Rekordbox 5.2.3
Serato 2.0.3
Late 2016 Macbook Pro, 2.9GHZ
Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.5
Number of .mp3 files in iTunes: 54,023

I just wanted to share my extremely simplified instructions on getting Serato and Rekordbox synced since I am new to RekordBuddy and just went through all this.

Step 1: Initialize and import from Serato (took 2 days)
Step 2: Hit Sync and export to Rekordbox (took 1.5 day)
Step 3: In Rekordbox, import playlists from XML (took 12 hours)
Step 4: In Rekordbox, import all tracks from XML (1 day)

Then everything will be in your “playlists” in Rekordbox w/ all cue points/hot cues ready to go.

I haven’t “synced” yet since I’ve added new music to Serato, when I do I will update this post w/ the new times it took to sync.

Hopefully this helps any newbies


Thank you for the post! As the manual currently refers to 2.0 this will be helpful to many I’m sure.

We’re updating the manual for the next 2.1beta as well as changing the workflow slightly so people can choose which playlist/track to sync. This will help the syncing times greatly.


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