Serato to rekordbox issues

i just purchased and i have new version of rekordbox and i am switching from serato dj pro to rekordbox 6.0.4 and its not working.
is i am doing something wrong in settings or is not possible.
any other solution as i really want me serato library to convert in rekordbox so i could export my flash drive from rekordbox with all cue point and grids.
please suggest asap
i have small home party to play

Welcome to the forums.

First you were posting in a thread about mixed in key and your issue seems to be about copying tracks from Serato to rekordbox.

‘not working’ is not helpful. I unfortunately can’t guess what you are doing or seeing so I would need a more detailed explanation of what is ‘not working’ for you. At what stage?

The first thing to do to make sure you are doing everything correctly is usually to try with just one track. Take a look at it in the Serato section of Rekord Buddy (double click on the track to view the markers), then drag it over to the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy and take a look at the same track there after the copy. Can you see the same markers there or not?

If you don’t see a rekordbox section, you may need to read the viewing your rekordbox collection in the Rekord Buddy manual.

Finally, importing changes in rekordbox requires an extra step which is also detailed in the online manual.

Hopefully these can help you but if not, you’ll need to give me more details on your issue so I can take a look.

this is work for me.
you helped me good and i dont have any problem anymore.
i am very happy with rekord buddy.

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