Serato to Rekordbox beatgrid shifting problem

Hi there,

I am, currently using Rekordbuddy v2.1 beta(631), after importing a song from Serato to Rekordbuddy and then exporting into Rekordbox the beat grid that was originally perfect in Serato has now shifted. Some songs slightly to the left and others slightly to the right. Any help would be appreciated. I can post pictures if required.


Can you DM me a zip file with two of those tracks? One where the cue is slightly to the left and one where the cue is slightly to the right. I can see if I can reproduce this here.

Not entirely sure how to zip you the tracks, when i try to upload the zip file it says it can’t as its not an image


You need to use a service like wetransfer and put the link in a DM to me.

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