Serato Smart Playlist

Hi, I have a problem with The Rekord Buddy 2.1 Beta.
The Serato Smart Playlist does not sync and of course does not appeal to Rekord Buddy Library.
I can’t sync the Serato smart playlists with the others software (Traktor & Rekordbox)

Smart playlists will be exported as regular playlists, as there’s no way to dynamically maintain the list outside of Serato. Are they not appearing at all?

The Serato Smart Playlists aren’t appearing (as regular playlist) at all neither to Beta or Rekord buddy 2 version.

Smart playlists in Serato (or any other programs) are not supported. Why Dan is thinking about is the other way, a smart playlist in Rekord Buddy when exported to another program. That should appear as a regular playlist in the other app.

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