Serato Not communicating with Rekordbuddy


My name is Athol and I’ve been using Rekord Buddy for a few months now and haven’t come across any problems. However I recently put some sub crates in crates in Serato (which is my main library that R.buddy gets info from) and when I hit sync on R.buddy it didn’t show the sub crates. However all the tracks that I had in the main crate was there but it had now duplicated them. Also instead of showing ‘track’ 1 to the last track, it starts at 537 or 715 for the other crate and showing the duplicates as 722, 722, 722 (for three duplicates, then the next track 723, 723, 723 etc.

I also deleted some sub crates in serato (which it seemed to have done with not problems) and when I check the Rekordbox xml playlists again it doesn’t show that there are sub crates and instead of starting at 537 or 715 it starts at 1 and goes to the end which is 1000 and something. As per the duplicates. Only they’re not showing as the same number like in Rekordbuddy (as mentioned above)

I’ve checked in iTunes and I don’t even have that many duplicates in there for me to even have 3 or 5 duplicates. ( As one folder has 3 duplicates of every track and the other folder has 5 duplicates of every track.

I’m simply trying to have it represent exactly how I have it on Serato so I can put the same crates and sub crates on my USB in Rekordbox.

Can you please help me with this problem.

Thank you.

I am also happy to show screen shots for this.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve moved your topic to the public support section since it didn’t need to be private.

Can you tell me which version of Rekord Buddy you are currently using?

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