Serato Crates Not Converting to RekordBox

Mac iOS Yosemite 10.10.5
Serato DJ 1.9.6
Rekordbox 5.8.3
Rekordbuddy 2.0

Not able to get my Serato crates to carry over into Rekordbox. My workflow is set up as such (I realize this makes things difficult, however, this was because we didn’t trust Serato in the beginning SL stages and iTunes was more stable at the time) :

Download music and save into iTunes Playlists
Build Serato Crates from there in Serato DJ

After syncing my entire library, it looks like the iTunes Playlists carry over into Rekordbox, but the Serato crates do not. Any help is appreciated.

Rekord Buddy 2.0 is no longer supported and never supported iTunes so I think there is a miscommunication here.

Are you using Rekord Buddy 2.0 or 2.1? You should be able to post the exact version number by looking at the about window for the app. It should have three numbers like 2.1.26 for example.

Thanks Damien. I’m usiing Rekordbuddy 2.0.22(217)

I’m actually seeing my Serato crates in Rekordbuddy now. What I’m not clear on is how to get those crates from Rekordbuddy into Rekordbox.

Yeah 2.0 is not supported anymore. There’s a much easier workflow and all the latest bug fixes in the current 2.1 version.

If you’re not being offered to update then you launch Rekord Buddy or try ‘Check for Updates’ then you can find a download link in the Previous Purchases section of you account on the main website.

Once you have 2.1 installed, head over to the online manual in the help menu. There are videos to show you how to copy your tracks from and to rekordbox.

Thanks Damien - per your instructions, it’s telling me that 2.0.22 is the most current version available.

Ok the update link must be broken. Just log in to your account on the website (not the forums here but the main site) and look in your previous purchases for a new download link. This will get you up to the latest 2.1 build.

Just downloaded - it’s titled Rekordbuddy 3, however, it’s saying I need to run at least Mac OSX 10.12 or later (I’m running 10.10.5).

I don’t think it’s version 3. There isn’t one yet :slight_smile:

But that’s probably why the update didn’t appear on your screen. macOS 10.10 is no longer supported.

What is holding you back to 10.10 at the moment?

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