Same playlists in two different programs (Serato, Rekordbox) it possible to merge?

Hi, new to Rekord Buddy as well as the forums. I had a question that I’m not sure I saw an answer to elsewhere. Previously, I had manually duplicated playlists in Serato and Rekordbox and independently edited cue points, etc. in each. Now that I have the holy grail of Rekord Buddy, would it be possible to figure out which songs in each software’s playlist contain Cues and “merge” them, so to speak?

In other words, if I have the following scenario:
Serato has Playlist A, songs 1-10 have cues set and songs 10-20 are untouched
Rekordbox has same Playlist A, songs 1-10 are untouched, songs 10-20 have cues set

Would it be possible to view which songs have cues and select them as the initial “source”? Or am I just stuck picking whichever software I think has more analyzed songs, and blanket-using that as the primary source for Rekord Buddy?

Thanks and sorry if that was a confusing question!! I am trying to finally have my libraries synced up, and I want to make sure I’m starting in the most efficient way possible.

Also, I am using Rekord Buddy Beta v2.2b23 on Windows 10, in conjuction with Serato 2.3.4. Thank you for the help!!

Welcome to the forums!

This is not possible right now but it’s in the cards for a future version. Can’t promise when though.

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Thank you for the note. So basically, I’ll just pick one source as a starting point. Cool! Awesome software by the way, keep it up!!

Are there any reasons to use the Rekord Buddy collection? Are there any situations where I would want Rekord Buddy to be my “primary source”, and export to other software from my Rekord Buddy collection?

A very good question :slight_smile:

One reason is to keep a copy of your data that has all the supported metadata. Copying to other programs looses any info that the program doesn’t support. Rekord Buddy keeps everything.

Second reason will be when I enable playlist sorting and ordering again. That can only be done on Rekord Buddy collections and it should be available again in 2.3.

Third is easily transport collections across computers or even OSes. Rekord Buddy collections on external drives are cross platform and self-contained. The drive has all the info you need (similar to Serato collections with the added benefit of being copyable to any other supported software).

Finally, there is more stuff coming up that I’m not ready to talk about yet but that will make Rekord Buddy collections even more useful in the future.