Requesting Refund Because Rekordbox 6 is not supported

Hi, I purchased Rekordbuddy on August 15th. I have not had time to look at it or use it since that day. I purchased it because I have used Serato for 7 years and just bought a new DDJ 1000 that I planned to use with Rekordbox. I have subscribed to a Rekordbox 6 plan to use cloud sync. I just opened up Rekordbuddy an hour ago and I was having trouble when dragging the playlists from Serato to Rekordbox 6. When I would open Rekordbox 6, the playlists were nowhere to be found. Upon doing a Google search I discovered that Rekordbuddy does not support Rekordbox 6 at this time. Had I known this, I would not have purchased. Please I would like a refund.

I can provide you with any info that you need.

If Rekordbox 6 is supported in the future I will definitely purchase again.

Thank you,

I think it’s important to clarify a few things here.

First, rekordbox 6 is absolutely supported. Everything that rekordbox 6 does, I support. The fact that Pioneer decided to remove XML exporting because they are getting their arses kicked by Denon and some genius over there think that the solution is not my fault or my responsibility. rekordbox doesn’t support a lot of other features that other programs have and I can’t grab their source code and add the feature back myself.

Second, If by ‘supporting rekordbox 6’ you mean illegally reverse engineering their code to beat their joke of a security implementation like some other tools do then, no. I’m not going to do that because it’s illegal and shady. That’s just not me, as much as I despise this stupid decision on Pioneer’s part which was then backed up by an even more stupid and inept implementation of their genius plan.

I don’t want you, the customer to suffer because of this though so I will make an exception and provide you with a refund but this is not something that I’m going to do again and again because, once again, this is not my fault and is completely out of my control.