Requesting a refund

Hi. I am looking to request a refund for Rekord Buddy (purchased Aug 5th, 2020). I can’t seem to find a contact or support email so this is the only place I’ve found. I was emailed a license upon purchase but I have not used/activated it and no longer have any need for it (not to mention that the Windows beta was not working at all). If there’s a more appropriate place for a refund request, please let me know. Thank you!

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’ve just been struggling with the holidays here in France and juggling family time and work time since I do everything by myself. I’m extremely sorry about this.

I’ve contacted you directly via email and since you have not activated the app will issue the refund as soon as our payment system allows me to. I will follow up on this personally via email.

Once again, sorry about the wait.