Release year problem from Traktor to Rekordbox

From the end of October on (I don’t remember what Record Buddy version was the current one by that time), the release years stopped exporting into Recordbox. Since then, I updated R-B several times, hoping, that problem would have been solved. Unfortunately not.
Maybe there are some settings, I have change? Otherwize, it looks like a bug. See the screenshot of rekordbox.

This looks like a bug but it could be on my end or rekordbox’s. Let me try and repro here.

Years are importing ok for me using rekordbox 5.8.3.

What do you see in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy for that same track? Is the year correct there?

For me, it looks like the release date / year get’s lost the moment, the Traktor data is reaching ReKordbuddy. Seems that RB is not able to read this column since there is not a single release date visible inside RB. No matter from what Traktor version. I am sure, you know what RB version you have released end of October 2019. The error started from that RB version on.

I am using the latest versions of all 3 softwares. I am attaching 4 screenshots from the same playlist, sorted the same way from a) Traktor, b) Traktor List in Rekordbuddy c) rekordbox.xml view in RB and d) rekordbox.xml in Rekordbox.

Let me know, if you need any other information from me, that can help you solving this problem


Thanks for the detailed report. It could indeed be the ‘reading from Traktor’ part that is broken. Let me look at this on my end.

No problem. I am not a tech guy, but I am running an internet company myself, so I am used to trying to identifiy a what part of a script an error might occur.

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I found the issue. I will be DMing you a link to a bugfix release for you to try.

perfect. Looking forward for that.


Sent you a DM with the link.

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