RekordBuddy Windows 10

From Larry Risher
May 15, 2018, 6:07 PM

Hi there,

Do you have this available for windows yet? I am willing to pay more for this. It is very difficult to transfer my cue points from serato and makes no sense for me to go buy a MAC computer in order to do this.

Please let me know if you have this available for windows.



From Dan Morse
Wed, May 16, 2018, 3:15 PM

Hi Larry,
Thank you for your enquiry. We’re still working on the Windows version. Would you like to be added to the mailing list for the Windows beta test?


Dan Morse
Support | Next Audio Labs, LLC.

I have emailed you all back in 2018, you advised me a Windows Beta version was coming out but I have not seen anything. Could you advise if there is a windows version coming out or not? I really need to use this software, but I only have windows at this time.

While awaiting the Windows release, you can run OSX in a VM using software such as VMWare Player in order to run Rekordbuddy on a Windows machine. It is what I have been doing for a couple years now.

Hi Hellnegative1. I have setup a virtual box a few days ago. It is very slow though, but I’m making progress. I did purchase a software called DJ Conversion Utility for MacOS and set this up on the virtual machine. I also used Mixed in key to export the cue points. It appears the cue points exported correctly. However, the beatgrids was not corrected with the software. It appears the beatgrids are starting on the two instead of the 1. Do you think purchasing RekordBuddy would correct this?

Thanks so much,

Hey @risstla,

Welcome to the forums.

I keep a thread updating everyone on the Windows beta. I can honestly say that we are VERY VERY close. No joke now…

You are going from Serato to what program? If you want you could DM me a link to a track file that has the grid problem and I can take a look see what the result is with Rekord Buddy for you.

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Hi Damien. This is great news to hear! I have been touching base with you guys since 2017 regarding the windows version. Over the years, it’s been such a pain to borrow a mac or setup a virtual machine .

Damien I am going from Serato to Rekordbox. I will go ahead and DM you now a couple of the music files.

Thanks so much,

Go ahead and do that and I will check to see if it works on my end. Thank you for your support over the years. It’s finally happening!

Hi Damien, I tried attaching it through the forums but it did not allow me to do that. Could you please provide an email address or another way to send the files to you?


What are your current RAM, CPU, and Storage settings on your Virtual Box? With some tinkering, I was able to get Catalina to run smoothly on a Pi 4 recently. Just gotta keep playing with your settings to get everything right. Also ensure you have a stable vmdk if you didn’t build the machine from scratch.

@risstla You can use a service like yousendit or something like that and just DM me the link. That works fine.

Hi [hellnegative1] Please see attachment
Let me know if this is all of the information of the virtual machine you are needing.


Is the CPU in your PC AMD? If so, that’s where your bottleneck is. AMD is terrible at CPU heavy virtualization.

I don’t believe my PC is using AMD. I have attached the specs of my laptop. I currently have a dell laptop at the moment.Windows%20to%20be Intel%20core

Make sure your VM is set to run 1 CPU with two threads.

Where in the Oracle VM Virtual Box manager would I make this change? I’m checking here, but I’m not seeing this as an option in the settings.

Thanks for helping me with this hellnegative1


System, then Processor tab

Thanks a lot for all your help @hellnegative1, this is completely outside of my level of competence. I might release the Windows beta today as a way to say thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you so much hellnegative1. I will go ahead and give this a try when I get back home and let you know the results. Damien I still need to send you the files through sendfile or dropbox to see if this corrects the beat grids or not. It does not allow me to send files through the forums.

Damien please release the Windows beta version. I went to BestBuy yesterday and was thinking about spending $2,000, I don’t really have right now on a new mac to use rekordbuddy2 or the DJ conversion unity program in case I’m not able to make any progress with the slowness of the virtual machine.

It is such a pain to run the files through Platinum notes, Mixed in key, and then log onto the virtual machine to transfer the music files, then run the rekordbudddy or DJ conversion program, verify the data is accurate in rekordbox and then transfer it back to windows. I’ve been looking for this windows solution for so long Damien as you probably noticed I reached out to you back in 2016 regarding the Windows version.


Check the link in my previous post. It’s now in beta.

Ok I changed it @hellnegative1 . It was already set at 1 CPU but the threads was set to 1. I’ve since changed this to 2.

I also attached the Motherboard and acceleration tabs in the screen shots.

Is there anything else you recommend changing for this virtual machine to run smoothly?

Thanks so much,

Everything should be running smoothly at those settings. If not, try a different osx .vmdk