Rekordbuddy to Rekordbox Collection Migration time duration

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.0.22

My OS Version: MacOS 10:13:6

Serato Library size : 63000 files (Videos - MP4 and Audio - mp3, m4a, flac, wav, aiff)

System Specs : 2017 MBP with 16gb RAM, i7 Intel 2.9ghz, Music/Video files on a 4TB Samsung 860 SSD in a thunderbolt 2 external enclosure

This is my second library sync from Serato DJ Pro to Rekordbuddy and it is indeed quicker than the very first time i did it.

My question is the rekordbuddy to rekordbox bit.

Does it always take very long? The first time i did the xml import to collection of just “playlists” in Rekordbox dj 5.3 it took 2 days, i didn’t even bother adding the “all tracks”.

Any tips on how to speed things up a bit?

Did you also email support? I think I answered you there…

There’s two sides to this issue. One is the sync nothing or sync all system in place right now in Rekord Buddy. This sucks and the next beta will address this.

The other is the rekordbox XML system which also sucks balls and we are trying to get Pioneer to improve on.



Yes the XML bit of Rekordbox really slow. How do you think they can improve it? Just curious if you can share but if not…It’s fine.

Do you think it’s slower as well because I have MP4s as well?

My laptop has been on for 3 days nonstop for my 63k music/video files. I started around 1400 on Sunday.

The playlist XML bit took about 40 hours

And the All tracks XML import to collection process is 24 hours deep at 0900 this morning and I’m still at 43%. Its like a slow drip process. I can see the track counter move by 1 track at a time. :sleeping:
Looks like 1 track per 10 secs.

Funny thing is that I’m not even planning to use Rekordbox for prime time yet as it’s missing some features which are important to my workflow e.g. mixed playlist ie MP4 and Mp3 in one playlist.

I can’t imagine having to do this process all over again when they implement the mixed playlist support.

I 've considered cancelling the All track sync process in rekordbox but not sure that if I decide to revisit it if Rekordbox will pick up from where it left off or start from the beginning again.

I will give it another 36 hours and hopefully it should be done.

Yes sir. Thanks for responding via email. It’s beneficial to discuss this on the forum for future users who might be considering doing this, so they can be prepared.

Best to start this on a Sunday or Monday morning and hopefully you should have a complete migration by Friday.

Just to clarify

My first Rekordbuddy sync using Serato as source database took about 18 hours

Second sync after making some updates to my Serato took about 5 mins

Maybe a feature in rekordbuddy to highlight playlist that contains recent changes from source database. I for one will have difficulty keeping track of playlists in my Serato that I’ve made changes to.

E.g. I could download new tracks in a week and sort them to various crates. A single new track could end up in multiple crates. E.g. a new Cardi B banger may go to “Hip Hop 2018 Crate”
It could also be suitable for my “Top 40 Crate”
It could also end up in my “Quick Mix Peak time crate”

A downloaded track may also end up in No crate just staying in my main collection. I believe I can identify those tracks by sorting the XML tracks by date modified or added under the All Tracks XML bridge.
I reckon I can highlight those and add to collection in Rekordboxdj. I may be wrong though.

I probably need to explore the Rekordbuddy tagging system to see if that will be a better way of managing tracks. Question regarding the tagging system, how does Serato see or use the tags?

Nothing to share at the moment but it’s something that I definitely want fixed.

Should make no difference.

I don’t understand what you mean here. I have playlists with M4As and MP3s in rekorbdox. Works fine for me.

Yeah. In the plans after the 2.1 release.

Tags can be used to automatically sort playlists and those sorted playlists show up as regular playlists in Serato. See this video for more info.

in Rekordbox DJ 5.3 as it stands one can’t have a playlist containing both Video MP4 and Audio MP3/M4A/Flac/Wav/Aiff/Alac. Even with the Rekordbox video plug in active, rekordbox wants users to create and maintain separate playlist for Audio files and Video files.

Many users have requested that this shouldnt be so and the mod on their forum is aware. “They looking into it”

Rekordbuddy supports mixed playlist yes, i can see my rekordbuddy playlists containing both my video titles and audio titles, but when the XML export in Rekordbox is done, only the audio files get placed in corresponding playlist in rekordbox, the mp4 videos just get dumped in Collection root.

Serato & Traktor support mixed audio & video playlist/crate, even though Traktor doesnt do video, one can still use the Mp4 video file as regular audio.

Thanks for all the response.

Oh, video files. I get it now. Thanks for the clarification.