Rekordbuddy refesh database

Hi I am curious if in the future there will be a way too just refresh the database instead of importing the whole collection again after adding one updated playlist. My whole main collection is in Traktor in order to keep MIK cue points and then I update my tracks and playlists there.Then I export to Rekordbox. Also it would be sweet if there was an option to just export certain playlists or smart playlists I have created within rekordbuddy to my different software.

This is something i was going to ask too.

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So two things here, first it’s not supposed to sync everything every time but I think 2.0 has some issues with the syncing at time that I never got a chance to look into in details. So, yeah, it’s a pain.

The upcoming 2.1 rewrite (also known as the Windows version since they will share codebase) will have something very similar to what you as describing. I think you’re going to love it.

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Sounds great but I need to clarify I am using the beta have been using it since October 2017.

The current 2.1 beta shares the same codebase as 2.0 so there are probably some shared issues there. I’ve been caught between spending time fixing a code base that I know will just be discarded or getting the new codebase ready to ship so that I can fix everything there (and ship Windows at the same time) so the choice lately has been to work on the new 2.1.

It’s a really shitty situation but I’m close to wrapping it up and it will be worth it in the long run.

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I’ve moved this thread to the support section.

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