Rekordbuddy is no longer updating color

Hi There.

I updated rekordbuddy to the new version like one week ago from the stable beta, and I kinda noticed a problem.

Before, with the beta, I exported form Traktor all my collection to rekordbox, and the “color” of the track was also exported to Rekordbox.

Now, when I export all my tracks from Traktor to Rekordbox, and then I import the .xml file into my RK collection, the color is not imported.

There’s any solution for this?


Good catch. This will be fixed in 2.1.19 which should go out later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

I checked this out tonight…

And still not working.

Also I found a bug, I install the update, restart the app, and the update pops up again…

The update bug was a typo on the build number. It’s fixed now.

Can you give me the example of one color which doesn’t work for you right now?

I saw various problems.

First, I organize my grids, cue, color, playlist in Traktor… I save everything and I close it.

Then I go to Rekordbuddy, I drag my playlist to rekordbuddy, then to rekordbox, Save & Exit.

Later, I open rekordbox, I go for the .xml thing in the explorer, and I import everything, saying “yes” when the massage of “You want to overwrite the existing playlist” pops up.

I notice then that new tracks doesn’t come with the color… And also, than previews imported tracks, for example I have “Blood Sugar” from Pendulum previous imported, the grid is wrong or I miss a cue, so I updated it in Traktor and when I overwrite it, the grid, cue, etc… still wrong. (I don’t know if I explain this last part correctly).

I try solve all these problems I have to delete everything from my rekordbox collection and then imported from the .xml agai, but nothing… But for a almost 8000 tracks take to much time to re-analyze everything.

That didn’t happen with the previous version, like the beta one…

I don’t know if is a rekordbuddy thing or a Traktor or a Rekordbox thing.

When you double click on the track in Rekord Buddy (in the Traktor section and then the rekordbox section) do you see a track color set correctly?

Just as a sidenote, you can also drag directly from Traktor to rekordbox now.

Sorry for the delay.

I went to a gig trip and I couldn’t check it…

I updated to the latest build (bug error corrected!!!)

Yeah, if I double click on Traktor & Rekordbox, I can see the color on the attributes on rekordbuddy.

Rekordbox color successfully updated!!!

I think you already solve everything!!!

Thank you so much for your effort!!!

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Glad we got it figured out.

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