Rekordbuddy 2.1.38, Mac, Rekordbox 5.8.5


Struggling to import my Rekordbox.xml into Rekordbuddy. When I open up the ‘Rekordbox’ field in the Rekordbuddy interface it just hangs on loading - I’ve attached a screenshot.

I’m pretty tech savvy and short of deleting cache files and resetting my Rekordbox install entirely I’ve prodded most of the things I can think of.

Has this issue been reported elsewhere? Happy to roll back to an earlier rekordbox (I had the same problem on 5.8.3). Not seen any other mention so maybe it’s just me (interesting for troubleshooting purposes).

I haven’t seen this and I think I’m running 5.8.5. Let me check.

I’m able to export a fresh XML from rekordbox 5.8.5, drag it onto the rekordbox collection in Rekord Buddy 2.1.38 and then reopen that collection just fine.

Try to delete the rekordbox.xml file in ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox to start fresh. Make sure that you can then see an empty collection when you launch Rekord Buddy, then try to drag a fresh XML over it.

Sorted :slight_smile:

Did exactly that and it behaved itself. Apologies!

No problem at all. I’m always happy when things are an easy fix.

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