Rekordbox.xml workflow question

**My Rekord Buddy Version: beta 649

**My OS Version: 10.14.6

I don’t know if it is a question of workflow or a bug but when I run a clean Rekord Buddy library (after erasing it in Music Folder). I can see my Serato libraries and a rekordbox library which is blank. I am assuming Rekord buddy finds it because it is in the default location of the rekordbox settings as specified by the Rekord Buddy instructions.

I then drag and dropped my created rekordbox.xml in rekordbuddy to import my actual library and end up having two rekordbox libraries. (One which is specified as (User location).

So in my mind, this « user location » library is the one that I am still using to import playlists from other libraires, but I noticed that I had nothing changed in my xml libraries in Rekordbox, and it was still empty. So I dropped one playlist in my blank library, and I could see it appear in my rekordbox.xml in Rekordbox.

So I don’t know if I missed it somewhere in the instructions, but does it mean that after importing my created xml file in Rekord buddy, I should copy all my files and playlists to the already created rekordbox library in order for it to work?

That’s a great question. The new 2.1 manual explains this.

In your case you don’t need a separate rekordbox collection because you will use the standard location. Delete the user location one (right click, remove collection).

Then, just drag the XML file that you exported from rekordbox over the rekordbox collection that is left. Right over the line ‘rekordbox’ at the top of the collection tree. That will update the data in the standard location for you. Then just make sure rekordbox only uses that location.

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It works perfectly !! thanks!

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