Rekordbox XML is not updated by Rekord Buddy

I want to transfer my Traktor Collection to Rekordbox.
I created a new XML File and put that into Rekord Buddy.

So I think Rekord Buddy should actually update this file?
Now changes in Traktor are NOT reflected to the Rekordbox xml.
Can you help me please?

Rekordbox: 5.8.0
Rekord Buddy: 2.1.18
Traktor: 3.2.19
Mac: Mojave 10.14.6


you dragged the XML into Rekord Buddy as a user location collection (see the line in the sidebar that says “user location”). This means you didn’t import the XML fil, you are just editing that file itself which is probably not the one rekordbox is looking at.

Remove that collection in Rekord Buddy (press delete on the line that has your user location collection) and then drag that XML file onto the rekordbox collection itself in Rekord Buddy. Not are the bottom of the sidebar but on top of the line that says ‘rekordbox’ (the first one).

That way you are now editing the file that rekordbox uses in its XML bridge.

Second you have two rekordbox collections. That’s a bug. I will contact you via DM to try and look into this with a special build.

Hi Damien!
Thank you so much for your help.
I did the changes you discribe… But this caused another Problem…
Step by Step:
I created a new XML File (with an Empty Rekordbox Collection)

I saved this in my personal folder:

I choose this file in Rekordbox:

And put the same file in Rekord Buddy as you describe:

I save the changes and drag&drop a file in Rekordbuddy from Traktor 3.2.1 to Rekordbox with the correct XML File within: (and save the changes)

Now I close Rekord Buddy and go to Rekordbox. But the Track is not displayed in the xml

What is wrong? Can you help me please…

Greets, Hannes

The step where you are going wrong is when you set up the XML bridge file in rekordbox. It should not be the one you exported but the default path that rekordbox uses.

Check out this section of the manual which mentions the path needs to be the default one.

Hi Damien!
Thank you.
Now I used the default path and put it into Rekord Buddy:

Now I drag & drop two files in Rekordbuddy (From Traktor 3.2.1 to Rekordbox)

Now they appear in Rekordbox XML:

But! Unfortunately the XML gets not updated by Rekordbuddy automatically when I do changes in Traktor.

Do you have an idea?

Greets, Hannes

Rekord Buddy saves changes on exit. Did you exit the app before checking the XML content?

Also let’s get something out of the way. I see two ‘rekordbox’ lines in your sidebar. Can you update to Rekord Buddy 2.0.20 or later and confirm that you only see one rekordbox collection then?

Does that rekordbox collection show the two tracks?

Hi Damien!
I did the update to 2.1.20
Now I can see only ONE rekordbox collection. Perfekt.
And YES the extant rekordbox collection shows the two tracks.

But still the Problem:
When I do a change in Traktor:
This is immediately and correct displayed in Rekord Buddy in the sidebar line “Traktor 3.2.1”. But Rekord Buddy does not change the sidebar line “rekordbox” automatically. Also Rekord Buddy does not ask to save changes.
So in Rekordbox xml (in Rekordbox itself) the change is also not displayed…

Thank you,

We’re moving forward :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that you close Rekord Buddy before making changes in Traktor or before checking if the changes appear in rekordbox? As a rule you shouldn’t have other apps open when you use Rekord Buddy.

Yes I can confirm. When I do changes in Traktor, Rekord Buddy is closed. And before i check in Rekordbox, Rekord Buddy is also closed.

Ok, so maybe I misunderstand what you mean. What do you mean by automatically? What do you expect to see happen (step by step) when you make a change in Traktor?

What should happen is this:

  • Change in Traktor.
  • Close Traktor.
  • Open Rekord Buddy.
  • Drag change from Traktor to rekordbox.
  • Close Rekord Buddy (saying yes to saving changes).
  • Open rekordbox
  • Import changes from the rekordbox XML to the rekordbox collection.

At which step do you see a problem?

I thought this step would go automatically:
“Drag change from Traktor to rekordbox.”

So I try again…

Thank you Damien!

I tried to drag and this happened:

I think this is another Problem?

Yeah this is likely unrelated. Let me check to see what issue you encountered.

Hi Damien!
I installed 2.1.21.
Now the step “Drag change from Traktor to rekordbox” seems to work.

OK. Next step:
In this moment my Rekordbox in Rekord Buddy looks like this:

As you can see some Tracks are doubled…

Now I want to clean this up.
So I edit Rekordbox in Rekord Buddy and save the changes.
It looks like that:

I close Rekord Buddy and expect to see the the edited files in the Rekordbox XML in Rekordbox. But it looks like that:

The “doubles” are still in.
So the Rekordbox XML is still not updated by Rekord Buddy.

Now I close Rekordbox and open Rekordbuddy again.
Now the “doubles” are in again:

Can you help me Damien, that we can fix the problem asap.

Thank you.

So I still think the duplicates are leftover from an earlier issue. I’m posting a new build today which will address two things:

  • Duplicates will be automatically removed when the collection is opened and those changes will be saved if you decide to do so on exit.
  • Deleting a track in the rekordbox collection will correctly save the changes (that was a bug you found. Thanks!).

Let me know if after updating to what would be 2.1.22 if you still see duplicates pop up and we will investigate further how those get created.

Hey Damien!
2.1.22 is installed. Thank you.
Leftover Problems:
Rekordbox Playlist “AKA Tape” is displayed correctly by Rekord Buddy:

But in Rekordbox it looks like that:

Can you help me in this case?

Thank you.

Can you zip up and DM me the rekordbox.xml file that rekordbox is using in the bridge?

I think some track IDs are incorrect and rekordbox just uses the last track in the collection when that happens.

Thanks for the file. This was indeed a rekordbox bug which I had a workaround for in the 2.0 branch but never implemented it in 2.1. One more reason only working on 2.1 moving forward will make things better.

Anyhow, the fix will be in 2.1.23 which should be posted tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Damien!
2.1.25 is installed. Thank you.
One more question:
I delete tracks in Rekord Buddy, Sidebar Line: Rekordbox/ All Tracks and save the changes…

Now I expect to see an empty Rekordbox XML in Rekordbox.
But this is not happen:

The tracks are still in Rekordbox xml and when I reopen Rekord Buddy the tracks are displayed again:

Can you help me?

Good catch. This will be fixed in 2.1.27.