Rekordbox xml file specified unable to be read properly

My Rekord Buddy Version:


My OS Version:


Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Click sync button, import everything from Serato
  2. Open Rekordbox (Rekordbox xml already enabled)
  3. Open Rekordbox xml tab
  4. Rekordbox says “The Rekordbox xml file specified is unable to be read properly”

What I expected to happen:

My crates, cues and loops will be transferred to Rekordbox

What actually happens instead:

The above message (from step 4) is displayed.

I have been perusing the FAQ’s, I have tried downgrading my Rekordbox from 5.6.1 to 5.6.0. I am unable to update my Mac’s OS because I am currently running Ableton Live 9, which is incompatible with the latest OS update.

Thanks for the detailed steps.

You seem to be missing a step to export your Rekord Buddy collection to rekordbox.

Click on the sync arrows in Rekord Buddy and choose ‘Export to’ and ‘rekordbox’.

This should create the XML file that rekordbox uses to import changes.

Thanks! Sorry for the confusion, I am very new to rekordbox and Rekord Buddy.

No worries. Your description was perfect, made it easy to see what the missing step was.

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