REKORDBOX.XML does not reflect

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:

The problem is the following, in the video I create a new playlist I see the new list in rekord buddy but when I open rekordbox I do NOT see that list but I do see all my old ones. I did refresh a couple of times but I still do not see the list I just created.

REKORD BUDDY playlists are not reflected in REKODBOX.

Perhaps REKODBOX.XML on the file is not updated, how can I update it?


Are you importing the changes from the XML to your main rekordbox database? Do the new changes not show in the XML at all?

rekordbox.xml is not updated at all.

Even if rekord buddy’s play list is updated, rekordbox.xml is not updated and it will not become a new file.

Could you try the older 2.1 beta to see if that helps?

I did it after updating to 2.1.
I am waiting for a formal release.

You still get this issue in the 2.1 beta?

Solved with 2.1 beta

That’s good news. :slight_smile: