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I’m trying to get my neatly organized rekordbox collection over into Traktor, mainly I want the beatgrids moved over, but playlists, folders, colors and cues would also be appreciated.

I’m running everything on my MBP 2015 15" with OSX 10.15.1, exporting my collection out of rekordbox 5.8.1 via File > xml-export and then import the generated file into rekordbuddy through drag+drop. I then drag+drop the rekordbox collection within rekordbuddy onto the Traktor collection, rekordbuddy writes something and asks me to save which I always do.

The data exported out of rekordbox gets over to rekordbuddy (I’ve scrolled through the folders and checked a few track informations within rekordbuddy).

When opening Traktor there are no changes from the ex-/import noticable, my top-folders are moved over, but none of the sub-folders nor playlists or anything of the above has moved over. Is there any way to get this to work or is what I’m experiencing intended?

I’ve read the user guide but it didn’t cover anything that really helped me with this.

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It sounds like Rekord Buddy is not reading/writing the same collection as Traktor is.

Try this, open traktor and create a new test playlist. Add one track just for fun, the close Traktor and open Rekord Buddy. Do you see that test playlist in the Traktor section in Rekord Buddy?

Thanks for the hint! After now removing Traktor completely and installing from 0 my library is now working with rekordbuddy and gets the export.

Is there another way to get the cover artwork to show up other than the one declared in the online manual? I didn’t get this to work and redownloading/-assigning the artworks is huge a pain.

I agree. It’s a bug in Traktor (not reloading the artwork if its missing) so as soon as I get some time I will work with them to see if we can fix it or find a better workaround.

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