Rekordbox to Traktor. Cues not transferring

Server issue when trying to download latest Beta

I’m confused. The title of the post is about cues not transferring but the content talks about server issues.

Can you be a little bit more specific. What errors are you getting? What app version are you using? What OS? etc…etc… It will save me having to use my crystal ball :joy:

Oh god,
So sorry man, I’d just done a 12 hour day (yup still working) and my brain was fried.
I’ll try and be a tad more specific in this reply :wink:
I’m on Mac OS 10.15.4
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)
Transferring between Rekordbox 5.8.5 into Traktor 3.2.060
All track and playlist transfers were perfect, but none of my Rekordbox hot cues came into Traktor.
I thought it may have been something fixed in the RB Beta, but when I tried opening the Beta it said I needed the latest version. When I followed link the page I was directed to said there was a server error.
Now I’m stuck on a version of RB that wont open.

I hope this made a bit more sense that my last post?
Cheers Damian

Absolutely! Thank you for that.

Can we get you back to the latest regular build and try to find out why cues don’t seem to transfer?

Head over to your purchases on the account (not here on the forums but the main site). The main page should be a list of your Previous Purchases. Then you should see a link called Invoices and Downloads. Download the latest build and install that over the beta.

Launch it and let’s try just one track. Take a look at it in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy (double click on the track to view the markers), then drag it over to Traktor and take a look at the same track in the Traktor section of Rekord Buddy. Can you see the same markers or no?

Thanks Damian,
I can see the markers in Rekord buddy for both RekordBox and Traktor, but not in the app itself (Traktor that is)

You never mentioned if you did update to the latest build or not.

Check and make sure that the version of Traktor you are using is the same as the one displayed in the Rekord Buddy sidebar, then make sure Traktor is using a standard location for its collection.nml file.

One way to test that too is to create a playlist in the Traktor section in Rekord Buddy. Drag any tracks in it. Save changes can open Traktor. Do you see that playlist in Traktor itself?

Thanks Damian.
I’ll look into what you’ve suggested.
Thanks for the help, and have a great weekend.

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All sorted!
Thanks heaps mate!

If it works with one track, try one playlist and move up like this until you’ve confirmed everything works.

Have a great week-end!

Def works with all!
Thanks mate.
I really appreciate the help!

Love to hear it! Enjoy and stay safe out there.