My Rekord Buddy Version:
2.1.0 Beta
My OS Version:
The problem is that want to use RekordBox as my main meaning to edit beat grids and add cue points etc but I want it show up in Serato after it does it halfway some cues are either missing or aren’t there and treated like a new track after loading the Rekordbox XML file.Also is there a way to just have them synced or auto synced or every time I add new tracks to Rekordbox I have to load a xml file every time(sorry if 2nd question seems basic)?

What I expected to happen:
All cues and beat grid from Rekordbox goes to Serato
What actually happens instead:
Some show missing cues or without beat grids


The missing cues and beatgrids could be different issues. For the grids, Serato requires your grid markers on a downbeat, whereas Traktor and rekordbox can have them anywhere.

Regarding the cues, could it be a memory vs hot cue problem? There’s an option in the preferences, in the Serato tab, that should help with that.

Thanks for the fast response sadly now when loading the xml file from rekordbox to rekordbuddy everything works there but it doesn’t update my Serato

It’s hard to guess what you mean by ‘update your Serato’. It’s always a good idea to investigate step by step in cases like this.

  • Pick one track in rekordbox
  • Take a look at the same track in Rekord Buddy. Does the meta-data seem correct? When you try to edit the track in Rekord Buddy, does the info line at the bottom indicate the right number of cue, grid and loop markers?
  • If you’re using the old 2.1 beta, select the track in Rekord Buddy, right click and choose ‘Sync Only this track’ and then force export to Serato.
  • Does that convert the meta data of the track in Serato correctly?
  • If not, what exactly is not matching?

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