Rekordbox to Serato No Cues

Hi There,

I am trying to get my cues from Rekordbox showing in Serato. I have ensured everything is as up to date as possible and followed the below steps.

  1. Export Rekordbox into xml
  2. Open Rekord Buddy and drag drop import the xml into Rekord Buddy - This works
  3. I can click on the songs and see the cues are there from Rekord Box
  4. Drag Drop the Rekordbox imported library into Serato
  5. This works songs are there and can open in Serato BUT there are no cue points loading

Help please I cant seem to figure out what im missing or doing wrong. Using RB 2.1.17.
Example attached below of a song in RecordBox showing 5 Cues, then in Serato they arent there? This is the same for every song.

Also attached the same song showing in Rekord Box & Serato - no cues transfering.

First thing I notice is that you dragged the XML into Rekord Buddy as a user location collection (see the line in the sidebar that says “user location”). This means you didn’t import the XML fil, you are just editing that file itself which is probably not the one rekordbox is looking at.

Remove that collection in Rekord Buddy (press delete on the line that has your user location collection) and then drag that XML file onto the rekordbox collection itself in Rekord Buddy. Not are the bottom of the sidebar but on top of the line that says ‘rekordbox’ (the first one).

That way you are now editing the file that rekordbox uses in its XML bridge.

Second you have two rekordbox collections. That’s a bug. I will contact you via DM to try and look into this with a special build.

Finally, everything else seems to be working fine. If you look at your screenshot for the track in the Serato collection, it mentions that your track has memory cues. Memory cues are not supported by Serato so those are not written out. There is an option in Rekord Buddy to convert those to hot cues. Check out the manual in the help menu.

You do have one hot cue that is written to Serato though. It shows as written in the Screenshot for the Serato track in Rekord Buddy. You Final Serato screenshot doesn’t have the hot cue panel open. Do you see that hot cue when you open the panel?

Hi Damien,
In regards to the (user location) onh my Rekordbox Library I followed the instructions from the Rekord Buddy website to a tee. It specifically tells the user to use the ‘export library to xml’ then import this XML file into Rekord Buddy. With that being said, I removed the collection and then simply drag dropped over the existing RekordBox Library there to update this library rather than adding a serperate one and still nothing is fixed.

I understand from all the reading up I have done that Memory Cues do not directly copy over, but I have got the the option to ‘Convert Memory Cues to Hot Cues on import to Serato’ selected but it does not seem to be making the conversion. I believe this is the main cause of the issue here is that the Memory Cues are not being Converted to Hot Cues.

I am using my Drum and Bass folder as an example as I set Memory cues on every song for the intros but they are not converting as any form of cues into Serato hence my post here as cant seem to figure out what it is thats going wrong here


Just wondering if you managed to look over my reply Damien, or if there was any other Support members able to assist with this issue?

I updated the manual to be more clear. Now people will first see the method to initialize the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy from an XML file rather than the one about editing XML file in non-standard locations.

You never answered my question about the Serato hot cue panel.

Here’s what you can try next:

  • Now that you are editing the correct rekordbox data, make sure rekordbox points to the correct file when it reads its XML bridge. You can just delete the current path in rekordbox and press enter which will reset the path to its default.
  • What does Rekord Buddy see in its rekordbox section for that track? Double click on the track in the rekordbox section of the app and look at the marker info. Does it see hot cues or only memory cues? Go to the Serato section in Rekord Buddy for the same track. What do you see there?

Hi Damien,

I have attached screenshots of the following:

  • The Memory Cues for an example song in Rekordbox (Showing 4x Memory Cues)
  • The Cues showing in the Rekordbox Library in Rekord Buddy System
  • The Setting in Rekord Buddy for 'Change Memory Cues to Hot Cues when Importing to Serato selected
  • Me Drop / Drag Importing the Rekordbox into Serato Library
  • The Same example song in Serato but none of the cues make it over for some reason.

Is there anything I am doing wrong here, or something else I can try to get this working? This is the sole reason I have Rekordbuddy and its not working which is a little frustrating as you can imagine!

I think I found the problem.

I will DM you a link to a bugfix build so you can see if it helps.

This should be fixed in 2.1.32.

Hi Damien,

I have a same problem.

  1. Export Rekordbox into xml
  2. Open Rekord Buddy and drag drop import the xml into Rekord Buddy - This works
  3. I can click on the songs and see the cues are there from Rekord Box
  4. Drag Drop the Rekordbox imported library into Serato
  5. This works songs are there and can open in Serato BUT there are no cue points loading

When I do it first, I can see cue points in Serato playlist (In the Buddy), but don’t see in Serato.
But reopen Buddy, I can’t see cue points in the Serato playlist’s markers.

Also attached the same song showing in Rekord Box & Serato - no cues transfering.

Glad Im not the only one experiencing this glitch! Hopefully they find a fix soon!

Also experiencing this problem. Confirmed that the “Convert memory cues to hot cues” option is checked in preferences. Imported a playlist from rekordbox to serato and there are "CUE"s listed in the track attributes after importing to serato, but when loading the track up in Serato no hot cues are present.

Currently on 2.1.36

For the screenshots (very detailed, thank you!) it looks like the hot cues are there in Rekord Buddy but then Serato doesn’t load them and replaces them by nothing.

Is that what you are all noticing? You can see them in Rekord Buddy. You load Serato they are not there. You re-open Rekord Buddy and they have disappeared?

Hi Damien,

The cues are appearing under the rekordbox library in Rekordbuddy but for me are not transfering to the Serato library once synced even inside Rekordbuddy. Example attached

For me, what I notice is

  1. Within Rekord Buddy I transfer a playlist with tracks that have memory cues from Rekordbox to Serato (checkbox is checked to copy to hot cues)
  2. Within Rekord Buddy I check that under the Serato section, the songs in the playlist have CUEs in their Marker Info section
  3. I close Rekord Buddy and I load up Serato. I see the playlist that I just transferred in Serato
  4. I try loading up one of the songs from the playlist in Serato, but Serato does not show that the track has any Hot Cues
  5. I close Serato and open Rekord Buddy. The playlist is shown under the Serato section of Rekord Buddy, and the tracks inside of the playlist still have CUEs in their Marker Info section.

@Brookland The answer to your issue is in your first screenshot (a picture is worth a thousand words :slight_smile: ). The dialog tells you at the bottom that your cue points are not all compatible with Serato. You have 1 hot cue and 4 memory cues. Serato doesn’t have any equivalent thing to memory cues.

You can find more about this in the online manual (help menu) in the Serato section when looking at the ‘things that don’t work at all’ section.

There is an option in the Serato section of the preferences in Rekord Buddy to convert memory cues to hot cues when writing to Serato. Note that this will add new hotcues after the last one you have, which mean you may run out of hot cue slots in Serato.

@nahcressmangmail-com Thanks for the detailed description. It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly. I’ve just tried to do this here and, in my case, I do see the converted cues both in Rekord Buddy’s Serato section and in Serato. We need to figure out what is different in your case.

Stupid question: Are you sure you’re looking at the same files in Rekord Buddy and Serato? Of so, can you DM me a link to one of those files so that I can analyze them here and see what I see?

Hi Damien,

I have shared this with you before, but I do have the option selected to convert Memory cues to Hot Cues when writing to serato but it is not working. That has been the issue we have been trying to solve since day one is it not?

@Brookland You’re right. I got confused trying to answer too quickly.

Can you try and drag a single track from rekordbox to Serato? Does this convert the memory cues correctly?

Unfortunately this does not work either. Tried it with several files as well, have attached one example. It definitely appears to be an issue with the cue conversion process between rekordbox and serato.

Are your files WAV files by any chance?

All my files are mp3s. My hard drive and working dj usbs would have a heart attack if I tried to fit all my music on them in wav form haha.