RekordBox to Serato Multi BPMs (Transition Tracks etc)

My Rekord Buddy Version:
2.1 beta
My OS Version:
Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Import with RekordBox
  2. Export with Serato
    What I expected to happen:
    All multi bpm tracks in Serato should be the same as in RekordBox
    What actually happens instead:
    Only some of the tracks have multiple bpms, others just have one.

It happens no matter what version of Rekord Buddy I’m using.

That also includes the beat grid, its there for tracks that do have multi bpms & not for the others. Perhaps the info hasn’t been transferred over for these tracks?

Is it only tracks with different BPMs that are the problem?

Keep in mind, Serato only supports grid markers on the first down beat so if rekordbox has put grid markers in places not supported by Serato, the grid will not be exported to Serato.

Yeah, looks like all other tracks are fine.

I’ve manually gone through every transition track in RekordBox and edited it. Here is a pic of one track that hasn’t transferred over correctly.

I’ve re-edited the track in RekordBox & it has successfully transferred to Serato, so I’ll try a few more and see if they work.

It’s most likely the problem, that rekordbox has grid markers that are not on the first down beat.

It’s a tough issue to tackle. I could ignore those markers but this would make the grid incorrect when imported into Serato and users may not notice until it’s too late (loading up the track at a gig). For now I’ve decided to ignore the entire grid, which is easily noticeable, but in the future I’ll probably add some way of filtering tracks based on errors that took place during exports.

As you can see from my pic it is on the first down beat. It might be because I’ve used the ‘make an adjustment from the current position’ button in rekord box to change the beat grid points later on in the track without changing the bpm to match it exactly. You can’t do this in serato so maybe it doesn’t understand it.

The track filter thing sounds like a good idea.

It’s hard to tell from the screenshot because in some cases rekordbox outputs more than one grid marker and all of those need to be on the first downbeat for Serato to accept them.

grid editing in rekordbox is painful, it doesn’t let you delete grid markers and it makes it really hard for you to see where they are.

I do feel like all new grid marks are on the downbeat, but I guess it’s not if it wont transfer across.
I can redo them in Serato but I guess that will be overwritten on a full import/export.

On a different note. The beta version keeps crashing everytime I open it, Any ideas? I’ve uninstall all traces of it and reinstalled but still happens. Had to go back to RB 2.0 :frowning:

I will work on something to display more info as to which marker is causing the problem. Keep in mind that in rekordbox you could have more than one and only one could be off.

I don’t recommend going back to 2.0 as using 2.1 can confuse the syncing engine from 2.0 and cause data loss.

If you are getting a crash, let’s solve it but let’s keep different issues on different threads so that we don’t get confused.

“I will work on something to display more info as to which marker is causing the problem.”
This sounds great!

I sent the crash reports, but that was on my old mac.
I’ve installed 2.1 on my new mac pro but just waiting for deactivation so i can use it :slight_smile:

Let me sort out your auths for you…