Rekordbox to Serato Grid problems

Just got Rekordbuddy 2. I’m moving my Rekordbox library to Serato. The library and playlists transferred to Serato, but the grids didn’t transfer correctly, and some of the tracks don’t even have a grid at all.

ALSO is there a way to transfer memory cues in Rekordbox to hot cues in Serato? I generally don’t use hot cues anymore, just memory cues.

OSX 10.13.4

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Transferred Rekordbox Library to Serato via Rekordbuddy 2

**What I expected to happen: All grids transfer appropriately to serato

**What actually happens instead: Most grids are off, some not even there

Which version of Rekord buddy are you using? It might be worth swapping to the 2.1 beta if you haven’t tried it yet.

From v2 there’s a setting in the Serato tab of the preferences to convert to memory cues.

Most likely if the grid don’t export it’s because they are not supported by Serato. Check the log to see if you see anything about unsupported grids. 2.1beta would be easier to test that since it’s a simple ‘export to serato’ workflow.

Using Rekord Buddy 2. How do I get 2.1 beta? And yeah I have that clicked but I think that applies when using Serato to switch to Rekordbox, not Rekordbox to Serato

I don’t see any issues in the log, but the grids are definitely off

There’s a subforum for the 2.1 beta…

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